The Unpopular Opinions BookTag | Or A Fun Way to Disagree!

I’ve been going through my huge list of pending tags, trying to pick something for this week and it felt like the perfect time to ramble and present before the Internet all of my unpopular opinions! (Who doesn’t like to do that?!)

Thank you, Ida@CassiopeiasMoon for tagging me! (it was quite a long time ago) But I am finally here to give my very controversial answers. Her reading tastes are the best! Make sure to check out her blog and also the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag.

A Popular book or book series that you didn’t like

I am sorry everyone, but the whole «A Court of Thorns and Roses» series. Too cheesy for my taste and just not for me. To be honest I am slightly apprehensive now to carry on reading the «Throne of Glass» series… Hopefully, I will like it better.

A popular book or series that everyone else seem to hate but you love


I know a lot of people that disliked these books, so I will go with these two: «Red Queen» and «Harry Potter and the Cursed Child». There were a lot of controversy about the Red Queen series, but I loved it and I can’t wait to pick up the second book.

An OTP that you don’t like

Ugh, most of them. I never focus on romance and then if I do, they usually just annoy me. So let’s just skip this one and move on to more interesting questions, shall we?

A popular book genre that you hardly reach for

That would be New Adult. I just dislike it very very much, but I see so many people reading it… My question is: What do you like about it?! Please tell me!


A popular beloved character that you don’t like

This might be shocking, but I do not like Hannah Baker! There I said it. «13 Reasons Why» wasn’t a book or a series that I enjoyed and Hannah Baker was one of the main reasons.

A popular author that you can’t seem to get into


Hmm, let me see… Neil Gaiman. I would love to read more of his books at some point, but after reading «Stardust», I was slightly disappointed.

Also, Markus Zusak. After «The Book Thief» I don’t think I will pick up any of his other books. The same goes for John Green.

A popular book trope that you are tired of seeing

Instalove, love triangles and drooling over bad boys. We’ve had enough of that. Why can’t female leads be strong on their own without the need to go all goofy around some guy who treats them badly?! I will never know an answer to this question.

giphy (1)

A popular series that you have no interest in reading

This is a difficult one. I usually want to read everything myself to form my own opinion about the book, plus YA covers and synopsis are so difficult not to like!

I guess «Game of Thrones». I read the first and half of the second book, but it was too boring to continue. Besides, the TV show is amazing!

The saying goes «The book is always better than a movie». But what TV show or movie adaptation do you prefer more than the book?


Can I say «Game of Thrones» again? Other than that, «Lord of the Rings» has some sick book to movie adaptations! So does The Hunger Games and Divergent series. And! «The 100». I absolutely LOVED the show!

I would like to tag ALL of you, but that would be impossible and very time consuming, so here are just a few tags, but if you would like to participate or already did this tag, make sure to leave a link to your post in the comments down below so I can check it out!

Marta @TheBookMermaid | Meghan @Meghanmblogs | Lindsey @Paradisbooks | Shalini @BookReviewsByShalini | Beth @ReadingEveryNight | Becca @FaerilyBookish

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35 thoughts on “The Unpopular Opinions BookTag | Or A Fun Way to Disagree!

  1. The intentions of including the New Adult age group is something I love. As someone in their early 20s I find it so difficult to find female characters that I identify with. They’re either teenagers or women who already are married and have kids. Not much in the middle.

    However, I think that New Adult books are failing in what they’re meant to do. The few New Adult books I’ve read (mainly Colleen Hoover) still feel like young adult novels to me. SO I agree with you there!

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think New Adult has fallen into something it wasn’t originally meant to be, because all books that I see in that genre have half-naked men on the cover and I really don’t understand the idea behind it. Why can’t we get great books about 20smth women that are not solely about sex?
      Oh well..


  2. Great picks for this tag Alex, I’m actually the opposite way around when it comes to your first two picks. I’m a massive fan of the Court of Thorns and Roses series and I’m really not a fan of Red Queen, but then again they were the popular books you didn’t like/did like so I guess my opinions aren’t that surprising. Also yeah definitely not a fan of insta-love or love triangles either.
    Thanks so much for the tag as well. I’m looking forwards to getting around to this one myself. 🙂

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    1. I think I loved «Red Queen» more than some other people, because I haven’t read many of YA fantasy book before picking up Red Queen, so it sounded very new and interesting to me. Besides I love when Fantasy have these complex politics involved, makes it 10 times more fun to read 😀

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  3. I totally agree with you about ACOTAR I read the first two books but I didn’t like either of them there are just not my thing. No new adult books seem to be my thing actually. I still have yet to read Red Queen I’ve heard so many mixed things about it perhaps I need to give it a chance.

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    1. ACOTAR… I found the first book very weak and sloppy. When I started reading it I was hoping for this epic Fairy world and fantasy, but most of the scenes were just cheesy love/hate sprinkled with sex. The second book was better, as we got to see more of the world but those sex scenes still made me cringe.


      1. Haha! I read them back in 2012 when the show was first starting, but I haven’t read anything since the fourth book! I really do want to pick them up again so I can properly review them! I bought the first book in a illustrated edition so maybe that will add something to the story!
        I’m sorry they made you fall asleep!

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  4. UGH, completely agree about 13 Reasons Why! I felt like such a bad person for saying I didn’t feel bad for her character? And I completely agree about Red Queen! I really liked it, was excited, rated it 5 stars, and then saw a bunch of poor reviews and I was like uh…did I miss something? Also all love triangles/insta-love need to die.

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  5. I love this. And I don’t even share most of these bookish opinions. But I love that you shared them proudly. I was also disappointed in Stardust. I can’t pin point exactly what it was. It just wasn’t for me. I was bored.

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    1. I admit that I was slightly apprehensive sharing these, but this community tends to be less judgmental than others. 😀
      «Stardust» has beautiful quotes that I absolutely love, but the story itself felt, as you said, slightly boring.


  6. I gave up on GoT after the first book (and four episodes). It just isn’t my thing. I also agree about the romance tropes. They are tiring. From time to time I do like reading about those but they are way overused. And I can find them in basically every fanfiction >.< 😀

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  7. Nice answers! I’ve never read the asoiaf or the 100 books, but I love the adaptations! And I wasn’t a fan of 13 reasons why either. :/
    I’m actually excited to get to this, but I have no idea what my answers will be 😛 Thanks for tagging me! 😀

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