Most Anticipated Releases | August 2017

Publishers are slowly awakening from their summer holidays and that means we will receive more and more amazing titles each month! I feel like August will be a great month when it comes to new releases. I am definitely looking forward to a handful of them!


1 – «See What I Have Done» by Sarah Schmidt is coming out on August 1st! A captivating thriller based on real-life murder case is something I am very VERY interested in! I’m already getting the Gillian Flynn mixed with Paula Hawkins vibes.


2 – «The List» by Patricia Forde is next on 8th of August. The blurb sounds very whimsical and something I’ve never heard or seen before. Set in the city of Ark, its citizens can only use 5.000 words from the approved list. Letta is a Wordsmith and her job is to collect and save words, but there is a deeper mystery and an evil plan that Letta has to prevent from happening!


3 – «Young Jane Young» by Gabrielle Zevin will be published on 22nd of August. This might be a total cover pick, but I just love it! It would look so beautiful on my Instagram! Besides the cover, I love reading about life changing situations and how characters manage to cope with everything rushing at them at once.


4 – «Mr. 60%» by Clete Barrett Smith is also coming out on 22nd of August. I expect this to be a cute short read about teenagers and school struggles. Just a perfect read to finish summer and prepare for the next school year.


5 – «The Dazzling Heights» by Katharine McGee that is coming out on August 29th! This is actually the second book in The Thousandth Floor series and even though I haven’t read the first book of, I’ve been meaning to for ages! It just sound so INTERESTING and I think it is something I would totally love!


6 –  «Mask of Shadows» by Linsey Miller, also published on August 29th. This is the beginning of a new fantasy series and everyone have been talking about it. The blurb definitely sounds slightly like the Throne of Glass, or maybe I am being biased because of the assassins!

This is it for my anticipated read of August! Let me know in the comments down below if you have any other titles that you are awaiting for this month!

With love,



10 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Releases | August 2017

  1. Great list Alex, it seems like there are plenty of amazing books coming out in August so I really hope you both manage to get around to all these on your list, and really enjoy them as well.
    I don’t think any of these are on my TBR list yet. I’ve been seeing Mask of Shadows quite a bit, and I think I’m getting curious enough to check it out for myself, also I would love to ad The Dazzling Heights to my to-read list but I really need to read The Thousandth Floor first, it’s on my to-read list, it’s just finding the time to actually pick it up. 🙂
    Again great picks. 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to check those giveaways, thank you! ❤ (sometimes they are only USA or UK based though…) I think I will be pre-ordering «Warcross» very soon. Also «Tarnished City» comes out in September. I can already feel my wallet getting lighter 😀


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