July Wrap Up 2017 | Reading Slump & Booktube-a-Thon

Is it just me or each month flies by quicker and quicker? I am here again to look back at the passing month and gather my thoughts before jumping into August.

July was a month of ups and downs. After my great reading in May and June, I expected July to be the same, especially because my anticipated books finally arrived and I was ready to dive in! But… it turned out I was very very wrong.

Let’s start from the beginning!

My first July read was «Lord of Shadows» by Cassandra Clare. The book that I have been waiting for since last summer! And also the book that put me in the reading slump.

2/5 Stars

I’ve already written a REVIEW on it, check it out if you are interested to see more of my thoughts, but let’s just say I was very disappointed! To the point that I am not sure whether I will be continuing reading this series.

After a little break, I picked up «A Court of Wings and Ruin» by Sarah J. Maas, because it was your pick of the month and I was silently praying for it to be better than the previous books in the series!

4/5 Stars

While it was still not as good as I hoped, I enjoyed it more than the first and second books. There were more battles and magic than sex scenes, thank you, Sarah J.Maas, for that!

I’ve done a review on the first book in this series, but I don’t think I will be reviewing all of them.

Then it was time for my Classic-a-Month challenge (it was already 20smth of July! And I started to panic because I read so little). There is the most recent update on my challenge here, if you would like to check it out and download the free printable!

I chose «Go Set a Watchman» by Harper Lee, and absolutely loved Jean Louise and her views! Highly highly recommend!

So it was already almost the end of July when I learnt about the Booktube-a-Thon taking place during the last week of the month. And the reading challenges sounded so interesting that I decided to give it a try (without actually believing that I would be able to complete all of them while in the reading slump). But I did! And here are the books that I read during the read-a-thon. I’ve already done a Booktube-a-Thon WRAP UP, so head there for more information!

mouseover the cover to see my rating!

Finally, I also remained fairly active in the blogging world and found some amazing posts that I would like to share with you as my monthly favourites:

  1. Drew’s post to those who read books in genres they don’t like was a very fun read (as always) and definitely had some good point!
  2. Everyone who would like to know what YA stands for, make sure to check Krysti’s blog.
  3. Julianna’s post definitely made me laugh out loud a couple of times and I learnt a couple new reading tricks.
  4. What do YOU want to see in blogging advice posts? Briana’s input made me reconsider the information I provide in my own posts.
  5. I always feel like there is a mountain of books that everyone read except me! But I guess I am not the only one! – Books I am pretty sure everyone read but me by Suzanne @TheBOokishLibra!

In the end I actually managed to read tons of blog posts and 10 books! Fingers crossed this reading mood will follow me into August!

With love,



P.S. This is Spike on the photo. He is my trusted companion when it comes to finding best spots for Bookstagram pictures! ❤

11 thoughts on “July Wrap Up 2017 | Reading Slump & Booktube-a-Thon

    1. Thank you ❤ I would love to see the Ninth Circle become a TV show or something, as a book it had its flaws, but if a couple of editors and script writers get to work on it, it might become very very good!

      Also, I want to watch «Charmed» for the 100th time! 😀

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  1. You read all of those books during the last week of the month?!?! Wow… I’m seriously impressed 😀 I really want to read your review of Ewan Pendle (since we have given it the same rating).

    ACOWAR for me wasn’t the best book Maas has written. Somehow it feels like her books are loosing more and more of the things I liked from Throne of Glass. So I might just finish that series and then I might leave her books alone. I haven’t decided yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am impressed too! 😀 (they were relatively short though)

      When it comes to Sarah J.Maas… I really was disappointed with A Court of Thorns and Roses series. And now that Feyre’s story is over, I don’t think I will be picking up any of the future installments. I do however want to continue reading Throne of Glass series, maybe I will like it better.

      Liked by 1 person

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