Classic-a-Month | Reading challenge Update!

It has been a while since my last update, but I’ve been keeping good pace and reading those classics as planned! Also I couldn’t be happier with my printable and have been using it since January to track my progress.

I made a little digital version of my progress for you as well!

Convert JPG to PDF online -


Now! The last time I posted about this challenge was at the end of April / beginning of May. Since then I’ve read 3 more classics and actually finishing another one at the moment.


My classic for the month of May was an audiobook of «The Curious Case of Benjamin Button» by S.F. Fitzgerald. Can you imagine the shock when I found out it was so completely different from the movie?! Loved it nonetheless!


Once I started listening to classics on audible, there was no stopping! So I picked up «The Call of the Wild» by Jack London. It wasn’t my favourite book by Jack London but it was still heartbreaking and I couldn’t avoid shedding a few sad tears.


Finally, for July the classic of my choice was «Go Set a Watchman» by Harper Lee. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend! It was incredible to see Jean Louise grown up, standing up and fighting for her own values and beliefs.


I am already slightly ahead on my challenge and almost done listening to «A Little Princess» by F.H. Burnett on Audible.

What challenges did you set up for yourself this year? And how are they coming along?

With love,



11 thoughts on “Classic-a-Month | Reading challenge Update!

    1. Thank you 😉 I’ve been very happy with myself to be able to keep up and read at least 1 classic each month. And that is true, there are so many I would like to read or re-read some from school!


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