Snippets from my trip to Lisbon | April 2017

As holiday season is upon us, summer weather, school breaks and vacations, many of us are planning our own summer trips. This is a perfect time to show some of the places I was able to visit this and last year, and maybe show you some new places that are definitely worth visiting.

Even though I live in Portugal, I’ve only been to Lisbon twice for a proper touristy visit. These were the most memorable places I visited in April this year!

Lisbon Zoo

It was AMAZING! I haven’t been to many zoos but the Lisbon one definitely surprised me. We went there around 14h00 pm and stayed until the closing (19h00), and we had to hurry to be able to see all of it! Next time, I would love to spend an entire day there, resting in the gardens, having a picnic and see everything without the need to run around!

Zoo 1

Zoo 3

There were many exotic animals. BUT! My favourite part was the petting zoo! These pygmy goats were so cute and actually came outside to ask for treats.

Belém – Padrão dos Descobrimentos e Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. (Discoveries Monument & Jeronimos Monastery).


Belém is worth of an entire day trip considering the amount of museums, monuments, monasteries and gardens to go through. It is one of the historic parts of Lisbon and has the most amazing views and history for all Age of Discovery lovers.

Discoveries Monument

Have you been in Portugal before? What is your next travel destination? Let me know in the comments down below!

With love,



9 thoughts on “Snippets from my trip to Lisbon | April 2017

  1. I was lucky enough to go to both Berlin and Amsterdam this year and I fell in love with both cities. I’ve never been to Portugal but Lisbon looks beautiful😊

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      1. It’s such a beautiful city! I also got to visit the Anne Frank House which was such an amazing experience! I totally recommend😊

        Liked by 1 person

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