My most anticipated releases | July 2017

It seems that even Publishers are taking some time off in July, because compared to the previous months, this one will be the quietest of them all!

Or maybe I am just waiting for more Fantasy / Dystopian / Sci Fi books while summer is all about contemporary? I am not sure! What I am sure about, is that there are only 3 books that I would like to get your attention to.

302370611 – «Daughter of the Burning City» by Amanda Foody. Just two words – travelling circus! Don’t you have that unexplained desire to pick this book up right away?! Because that is the feeling I am getting right now.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the ARC of this book, but I will wait for more feedback and might just get it for myself as a small treat.

327652592 – «Bring Her Home» by David Bell. Do you know what I have been noticing recently? That I am not that into crime / mystery / thrillers anymore! Shocking, I know! But this one is a very interesting read, something I can see being turned in the movie.

This book comes out on 11th of July and my review will be up on the same day!30199656


3 – «What to Say» by Julie Buxbaum. Teenagers? Friendship?? Amazing summery cover?! What else do you need from a contemporary book? And I am very interested in reading this one.


Very short post this month. Let me know in the comments down below if you are anticipating any other books this month! I might have missed some.

With love,



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