Spring BookHaul | 2017

Spring is a wonderful season. Even though in Portugal you cannot see clear distinctions between the seasons as everything stays green all year around, Spring still is my favourite time of the year. Besides, that is the time of mine and my blog’s anniversaries. It is only right that I celebrate these wonderful events with some book shopping and so I accumulated 14 books for the past three month that I would like to share with all of you.

This haul is very fantasy heavy and goes along with my recent post about the Series I’ve started reading but didn’t finish. Most of these books are next books in the series I’ve already started and most of them were gifts from my friends and family. So let’s dive right in!

I’ve been meaning to get the rest of the books in Throne of Glass series for a very long time, and they are finally here with me, on my shelves, waiting to be picked up by me. There will be no excuses this time! Although, each book is heavier than the previous one, the fifth one being a huge brick! But I am sure I will get around to reading all of them.


Another two books in the series that I got were «Glass Sword» and «King’s Cage», continuation of the Red Queen series that I am quite excited to continue with. I absolutely loved the concept of the first book – the political issues of that world. So I hope the continuation won’t fail to surprise me even more.


I also got the first two books in A Court of Thorns and Roses series that I’ve already read and even posted review for. The second book was way WAY better than the first one but still not a 5-star read. I am hoping to get my hands on the third one that came out recently to see if I finally can give it the highest rating.


Another purchase that I am very excited about were the first and the third books of the Shades of Magic series – «A Darker Shade of Magic» and «A Conjuring of Light». Why not the second book you might wonder? That what happens when non-bookworms buy you books! (Jokes aside, I am still super grateful for all the books and gifts that I received).

Magic, parallel universes, grey, red, white and black London – I am hooked already and I haven’t even started reading the series yet!




The last continuation to the series that I received during these past few months was «The Infinite Sea», book two in the 5th wave series. I’ve been in the dystopian mood recently, especially after binge watching first two seasons of The 100 on Netflix. (Love the show by the way!) Continuing reading the 5th wave series will be the perfect choice right now.


Finally, I also picked up some stand alones – «Maestra» by L.S. Hilton; «Go Set a Watchman» by Harper Lee; «The Hunchback of Notre-Dame» by Victor Hugo and the «Saga Vol 1» (okay, maybe just one more book in the series – does not hurt anyone, except my wallet).


Every book haul is like Christmas and now my shelves are overloading with so many interesting books that I need a few months of holidays off work to be able to read all of them!

With love,



5 thoughts on “Spring BookHaul | 2017

  1. Saga is freaking awesome! Hope you enjoy all its craziness! You also got your hands on soooo many amazing books too! I still have to get my hands on Schwab’s trilogy. It’s been on my TBR for far too long. I have to add that you’re sooooo lucky to have friends/family who get you books! That is sooooo cool! 😛 Hope you enjoy these books when you get around to them. 😉

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