The Series I Started Reading But Didn’t Keep Up With!

This is going to be a long one. Make sure to brew a cup of coffee to keep you awake while powering through a list of ALL OF THE SERIES I’VE STARTED BUT AM YET TO FINISH. To make my (and your) life a little bit easier, I decided to split them to three categories (A) series I am absolutely 100% carrying on with, (B) series I might consider reading in the future, and (C) series I will never pick up again.

I am already scared to begin this crazy revelation because by the end of this post I might end up on BookDepository buying all the books in all the series and we cannot let this happen!

(A) – The Keepers!


23308087«Flame in the Mist» by Renée Ahdieh is this month’s new release that I fell in love with. There is no doubt that I am looking forward to the next book in the series and will be purchasing it as soon it comes out.

15704307«Saga» by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist). Just few days ago I read Volume I of this very popular graphic novel and O.M.G. what is happening in this world??? There is no doubt that I am hooked on this series and will be spending all of my money to get the rest of the books ASAP!


16096824«A Court of Thorns and Roses» by Sarah J. Maas. The “last” book that follows Feyre’s story is already out and I will be ordering it in the next few weeks (together with some other books that I will mention later on). Afterwards, I am actually not sure if I will be reading any more of the books in the series. I might wait for a few reviews and feedbacks before jumping into it.

cover79639-medium«Gambit» by C.L. Denault. The first book in this series came out in 2015 and I only read it this year, but I LOVED IT SO SO MUCH! The problem is I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE NEXT BOOK COMES OUT and I need it now!


30258320«Gilded Cage» by Vic James. By far one of the best fantasy – political – dystopian read this year. The moment I finished the first book, I went on GoodReads and added all of the following books to by TBR list, because IT WAS SO GOOD. The second one comes out in September and I cannot wait!

throne_of_glass_uk«Throne of Glass» by Sarah J. Maas. One hundred percent reading it this summer before the release of the next book! Loved the first book way more than a Court of Thorns and Roses series and planning to binge read the rest of the books this summer.

lm_cover«Lady Midnight» by Cassandra Clare, the first book in the Dark Artifices series and yet another installment in the Shadowhunters’ world. There was no chance for me to not read the next book – coming out on 23rd of May by the way!!!!

RedQueen_BookCover«Red Queen» by Victoria Aveyard. The idea for this post came from my latest Instagram post of «Glass Sword», the second book in the series that I am yet to pick up. This made me wonder how many OTHER series I have started, and that is why we are all here, reading through this massive list.


16101128«The 5th Wave» by Rick Yancey. Loved it so so much, no idea why I didn’t pick up the next book right away… (this sums up the story of my bookish life) but now the next book is finally on my shelves and I will get to it soon, I promise! (it’s dangerous to make these sort of promises…).


(B) – When in doubt, pick up the next book?

25613853«Knights of the Borrowed Dark» by Dave Rudden. I read two books in the series this April and enjoyed them quite a lot. If somehow the next book will end up on my shelf, I will surely pick it up, but for now it has to stay in the pile of doubt.

28114396«Ever the Hunted» by Erin Summerill. Honestly, I did not enjoy this one as much as I hoped I would. BUT! If the next books will get some positive feedback, I might give this series and author another try.

91d8zPjp2TL«Kill School: Slice» by Karen Carr. I am surprised to not hear anyone talking about this book or series! People, what are you all reading??? This one is a mix of dystopian, fantasy and BOARDING SCHOOL (nothing like Harry Potter, but a very cool school!). The whole time I was separating the series into different categories, this was the one I had the most trouble with and I actually think it should go to my (A) category!

10507293«The Selection» by Kiera Cass. Last September I basically swallowed the first three books in the matter of two days and I thought I was done! Until I found out there were more books and novellas and what not. Being an easy and fun read, I might read the rest of the books quickly just to check them off my list.

«Curse of the Sphinx« by Raye Wagner and «Girl Online» by Zoe Sugg were fun reads that I might continue on with… at some point… when I am done reading all the other books… we shall see…



(C)A Solid NO

These are the last series I’ve started but have no interest in finishing, because there are just too many other amazing books for me to read and I need select the best of the best!


Let me know in the comments down below what series you are most excited to continue on with and which one you’d rather loose at the bottom of your TBR pile!

With love,



19 thoughts on “The Series I Started Reading But Didn’t Keep Up With!

  1. I loved the whole Selection series, I hope you enjoy what you have left to read of it! I am waiting to start the 5th Wave series, but as for Red Queen, I read the first two but I wasn’t mesmerized. I will probably pick up King’s Cage sometime, though. Great post!😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really need to carry on with throne of glass series, I’m on heir of fire at the moment and I’m slowly making my way through it. I’m so bad for reading fantasy books though it’s taking me so long even though I am enjoying it! I hope you enjoy it when you carry on reading it 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I already know what I should do when it comes to series – is to stop buying only the first books! If I buy all available books at once I will be able to binge read them very quickly. ´

      So now that I have all of the remaining Throne of Glass books I think I should be able to finish them all before September and then hopefully pick up the next one as soon as it comes out 😀


  3. Great list! I haven’t read Flame In the Mist yet, but you being excited for its sequel already makes me SO impatient to finally buy it.
    I have read the first two books in The 5th Wave series and for some reason never got around to reading the last one…Maybe it’s about time I do? Ahah. Lovely post! 🙂


      1. Go for it! So far, out of the 4 TOG books I have read (Still can’t bear to read the 5th one), the 2nd one became my fave. I’m late into this series too, just binge read a couple of months back. 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The Game of Thrones Series had me stuck would love to keep it going but it is starting to drag after book 4 … I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in both the ‘And I Darken’ and ‘3 Dark Crowns’ series

    Liked by 1 person

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