May 2017 TBR | A month of ARC catching up!

Something exciting happened last month! I received the best present ever (besides a huge stack of books that I am going to haul in the next couple of days), I received my first ever Kindle Paperwhite!

I used to read all of my e-books on the Android Kindle app for my phone, but now! I can read when it’s sunny, I can read in the dark, I can read anywhere and everywhere and my eyes are grateful for the non-reflective screen!

This made me so excited that I went a little bit (A LOT) crazy with my NetGalley requests. Guilty! To my surprise almost all of them got approved! Which put me on top of a huge ARC e-book pile that I can’t climb down from.

Due to my enthusiasm, I’ve just decided to dedicate the month of May to all of the ARCs and get my NetGalley feedback ratio back to a staggering 80%!

So this is my TBR for this month! (besides other one hundred thousand books that I am dying to get to!)

Let me know in the comments down below what you are planning to read this month!

With love,


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