March Wrap Up | 2017

Days are getting longer and brighter, there are so much more you can squeeze into 24 hours. That must be one of the main reasons why I love Spring so much. Spring usually came with greenness and flowers, rustling of new leaves and tweets, but since I moved to Portugal there is no distinctive season transition as I was used to before and I grew to love the daylight savings (the only change, besides temperature, that announces a new season).

Comparing to February, March was a “catching up” and “try to stay away from reading slump” month. I was able to catch up with my Classic a Month Reading Challenge, read some ARCs due in April and May, and just to enjoy my reading time overall.

I might not have read many books this month, but they were good enough to repel the reading slump and get me excited to start reading more.

cover102178-medium1 – I didn’t start reading the first book of the month almost until the middle of March, as the haunting memories of February still lingered above me, it was «The One» by John Marrs – a psychological thriller, to be published on 4th of May 2017.  There are so many afterthoughts and opinions I want to share! But you will have to wait just a little longer.

The story is set in a slightly different incarnation of our world where the idea of “love at first sight” is no longer foreign, as it’s all in your DNA and the people behind MatchYourDNA website are willing to find that one person you are destined to spend your life with. However, is it the correct approach?


2 – «Eleanor & Park» by Rainbow Rowell was the next book I picked up in the month of March. This is the 4th book by Rainbow Rowell that I treat myself to and she never disappoints! It was slightly “darker” and less light-hearted than the previous books – «Fangirl», «Attachments» and «Landline», but I loved it nonetheless.

282275573 – «Abigale Hall» by Lauren A. Forry.  The first “scary” book of this year! It was published last year on February 29th by Black & White Publishing, and will be re-published by Skyhorse Publishing on the 11th of April! It was dark, it was creepy, it was disturbing but absolutely worth spending time on. In short, I loved it more than I thought I would and if you are looking to pick up some new darker books for this Halloween, this will be a perfect read to add onto the thrilling list – nothing can go wrong about haunting house and scared little girls.


4 – And finally the last book of the month was «The Book Thief» by Markus Zusak. I finally finished it and caught up with the Classic a Month Challenge. (The other classic I read this month was «To Kill a Mockingbird» by Harper Lee, but as I only finished it on the 1st of April, it will go towards my April wrap up). I will elaborate and share more in my monthly reading challenge update.

March was a decent reading month and I am hoping to stay on top of all of my books in April as well, and hopefully return to my usual reading pace in as soon as possible!

Let me know in the comments down below what was your favourite read in the month of March! And also how many books did you manage to devour!



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