Used Books Haul | February 2017

I will make sure to include links to GoodReads of all of these books as it would be a HUGE and quite tedious post if I would to include all the blurbs!

Crime & Thrillers:

4963071 – «Under the Knife» by Tess Gerritsen. What I love about these situations (when books just fall from sky and I have no control over what I get) is that this is THE AUTHOR OF RIZZOLI & ISLES book series!!! (TV show that I absolutely adore and try to catch every episode whenever I am watching TV, which, let’s be honest, does not happen very often). So I am already pumped about this one PLUS IT’S ABOUT AN ATTORNEY AND MALPRACTICE! It’s a fun read and a manual in one book (will learn all those things I should not be doing as an Attorney).

10983702 – «Death’s Door» by Quintin Jardine. This one might not quite be up my alley. I saw some CIA and MI5 references and they put me off a bit. Also considering this is a 17th book in the series (one of those crime series following one character which you don’t need to read the books in any particular order, as each one is a separate story), but still… Let’s just say it’s less exciting than the previous one. On the positive note, the book is SIGNED!!!

116862153 – «Secrets of the Dead» by Tom Harper. This story seems like one of those when the entire book makes no sense and then at the end a certain event will EXPLAIN EVERYTHING, at least I hope that the cases, because I love LOVE those kind of story building. Mystery above everything!


4 – «Twice Kissed» by Lisa Jackson. First of all, how beautiful is the cover?! Very instagrammable I tell you. Second of all, there are twin sisters, a murder and tons of mystery! (Honestly I was sold already when I saw the cover).

Besides all of these creepy and mysterious books, I also got:

8285531 – Two books by Patricia Cornwell – «Book of the Dead» that sounds so interesting! Just let me quote this:

The first name is forensics. The last name is suspense. Once again Patricia Cornwell  proves her exceptional ability to entertain and enthral.

Doesn’t this sound amazing???


And also «Red Mist» which also sounds so so so goooood! I can already foresee the sleepless nights reading these books and I might actually fall in love with Patricia Cornwell’s writing!

2 – I also got three books by James Patterson, it might not sound as exciting as the previous two but I still think I will enjoy these quite a lot.

Other books:

Yes, it’s true. I did get some non crime and non thrillers! That I am also very very excited about!2568219

«Monsoon» by Di Morrissey (gorgeous cover!), and


 «Going Home» by Harriet Evans

Phew! That was a big one! And these were just the used books I was lucky to get my hands on in the month of February. I am pretty sure there are still some new books that I forgot to haul before, but I will try to include them in my next book haul post.

With love as always,



7 thoughts on “Used Books Haul | February 2017

    1. I love going to thrift shops, there are always tons of treasures for a very low price. But this huge stack of books was given to me by one of the couples who was moving back home to England and didn’t want to bring the books with them. So I basically just received a huge bag full of books and had NO IDEA what they were 😀 It was fun to go through each and everyone, clean them, hold them, research on GoodReads 😀


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