February Wrap Up | 2017

I am about to announce the most disastrous reading progress I’ve ever made! Are you ready?? In the month of February I read a total of three THREE books! That’s the least amount of books I’ve read in many many months and I am utterly ashamed of my poor effort.

Were they good books? Were they memorable? Did the amazing plots compensate for the poor amount? We shall find out!




1 – «A Monster Calls» by Patrick Ness. I finally did it! How long had it been on my TBR?! Definitely more than a couple of months, but one evening (afternoon) I sat down and decided that the time has come! I’ve heard so many times how sad this book is, so it made me a little bit apprehensive of the mood it might put me into. But I adored every single (short) moment of this novel and highly recommend to anyone and everyone!




2 – «The Last Shadow Gate» by Michael W. Garza. Entertaining for sure! A lot of things happening, yes. Did I realise that I grew out of middle-grade books? Also yes! I’ve been loving quite a lot of Adult Fiction lately – besides my obvious love towards Crime and Thrillers section of the libraries and book stores.




3 – «Gambit» by C.L. Denault. An amazing dystopian novel that will be released this month! If you have early access to it, definitely give it a try, and if you don’t, make sure to grab it the moment it comes out, because it was legenwait for itDARY. (Don’t we all love Barney Stinson?)




This might be the shortest Wrap Up I’ve ever had to write. So instead I am going to head off and focus on reading!

Let me know in the comments down below how many books you managed to devour in the month February!

With love,


15 thoughts on “February Wrap Up | 2017

  1. It happens. Such was my reading experience for January. I only ready 3 books cause I wasn’t in the mood to read. Then February came and I went crazy with my reading. I hope March will be better for you.

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  2. So relatable! I read four in January and then two in February, I can’t get out of my slump. Hopefully March will be better for both of us. 🙂

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    1. Slumps are ugly eveil beasts! (that’s my way of uncensored insulting, go me!) I feel like we are putting too much hope on March 😀

      P.S. It’s 8th of March and I haven’t finished a single book. What is going on with me?! 😀

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      1. I haven’t finished a book either. I started to read Crown of Midnight but some reason I’m not in the Fantasy mood (so weird, I am always in the mood for Fantasy). So I’m heading to the library later to get a few Classics, maybe they’ll push me back to Fantasy or anything at this point.

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        1. I was too, to be completely honest. I am excited to Traiter of the Throne but the others I am planning on reading but not first. I guess I expected more.

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