When Inspiration is playing hide and seek | Top 4 Hiding Places

Shhh! It’s not cheating! We are just preparing and strategizing for our beloved childhood game!

It seems that no matter how old we get, Inspiration always stays a child and keeps playing it tricky games with us. Fear no more! These places will make you the winner of every game!


1 – Beautiful views. I am talking nature here. (Of course the concept of “beautiful views” is different for all of us but there are few things near our houses / apartments that we can always appreciate). I feel like walks is the way for my brain to relax from screens and technology, but it is also a great way to come up with new ideas.

Yes, you guessed right. I go for a walk and talk to myself in my head, start telling stories, coming up with plans for next days / weeks / sometime even months (is it weird? I am not sure. Let me know in the comments down below). The only problem is that I never stop to write things down so thoughts evaporate from my untrained brain muscle in no time.


Honestly, I don’t mind where to go and where to walk – for me it’s the process of walking that does it work.

However, if you need to please your eyes with beautiful views or your nose with wonderful smells I’d suggest choosing something further away from the town / city (or if access is  not possible – a park is a great alternative!).

In my case it’s the beach or walks along the river. The smell of the ocean, sand, warm wind (fingers crossed for not many people around), makes me want to DO things, be PRODUCTIVE.


2 – Another place to find Inspiration is magazines and newspapers. I don’t do this very often, but whenever I start going through a magazine, I always feel inspired to create something of my own.

Side note: When I was younger (between 12-14 years old) I used to LOVE reading my aunt’s Cosmopolitan. Ukrainian editions are usually very heavy and big – almost like a proper 300 pages book, filled with everything you and can and cannot imagine. And there would always be spreads on serious topics but mixed up with a little bit of humor here and there. And so I thought – “That’s exactly what and how I want to write some day!”

Those little spreads, tiny facts about this and that, long posts or just short stories and interviews can give enough ideas for a year of blogging. All you need to do is sit down and start writing.


3 – Pinterest is another famous hiding place of Inspiration. I am sure all of you know about it and use it very often. However, I find it a little bit distracting – i.e. it gives TOO MUCH and my mind goes everywhere. I love using it as inspiration for colour schemes, bookstagrammer shoots or decor ideas.


4 – Conversations! I know we are all bookworms who rarely see daylight. But a good conversation can spark the needed inspiration and creativity. Try to talk more, to explain your ideas and points of views, to debate over them!

These are the usual places I go to when I am playing hide and seek with Inspiration. Although, I do want to point out that inspiration and hundreds of ideas is not everything. We need to stay focused and work as much as we can, because only as we start putting the words on the page, when the picture becomes more and more real – that’s the time we are truly creative!

A bit of a rumble for you here today. Let me know down below (if you survived all of these wall of text) where do you find your inspiration!

With love as always,



5 thoughts on “When Inspiration is playing hide and seek | Top 4 Hiding Places

  1. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest too, I don’t visit the website a lot of times, but when I do, I spend hours there! haha Twitter is my preferred way of getting inspiration, there’s so much going on and you can always pick a topic and then add your personal touch ^^

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