Let’s Talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events and how amazing Netflix series are!

Netflix was introduced in my life not so long ago as (A) Portugal is always behind on every major events and (B) I am just like Portugal and usually join the hype train when the hype is completely over in the relevant universe.

Nevertheless, nothing could stop me from binge watching few movies and series, finally realizing how strong is Netflix’ grip on my body and eyes! I am completely hooked and whenever I hear about any new original series coming out I jump right into it without a second thought.

But today the goal is to talk about «The Series of Unfortunate Events» and its adaptation to the on-line world. Surprisingly, I didn’t see many posts about it among the fellow bloggers (definitely, nothing compared to the hype stirred up by the new «Gilmore Girls»). And I would like to ask WHY? WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT?!

First of all, I have a question for all of you who devoured these books during their childhood (or maybe even adulthood, noone is going to judge you here):

How close is the series adaptation to the books??

I need to know! I want to read all of the books now and be a complete fangirl! (obviously without the whole book collection I cannot crown myself “The Queen of Unfortunate Events”!) – On a second thought, not sure I want to bear this title…

Anyway! Moving on from rambling to actual facts!

1 – Neil Patrick Harris! Did you hear me?! It’s Barney Stinson! (If you don’t know who Barney Stinson is, I don’t even want to look at you! Go now and only return after finishing all episodes of «How I Met Your Mother»!) For me Neil Patrick Harris will forever stay Barney Stinson and I know that most actors don’t like to be known by just one role, but when it’s so iconic there is no escape.

Just like Daniel Radcliffe will forever be Harry Potter or Jennifer Aniston will always be Rachel – because there is nothing better than «Friends»!

2 – Should we even compare it to the “original” movie?! I mean Jim Carrey is Jim Carrey for a reason and noone can compete with his flair or even come close. BUT! I am loving the series way more than I liked the movie. There are several reasons for that:

  • The way it was filmed and produced gives a unique and almost childish feel. It’s not a cartoon, it’s not a movie, it’s a storytelling by plentiful different clips and shots that transport you exactly where you need to be.
  • The introduction song! O.M.G. At first, I thought: “What is this?!” By the third episode I couldn’t resist singing along. Because apparently “LOOK AWAY” and “TURN AWAY” are very catchy! Who knew..
  • Lemony Snicket. Perfect voice, but not so perfect appearance for the role? What do you think? Patrick Warburton is a very VERY handsome man, but I always imagined Lemony Snicket to be less.. manly? Correct me here if I am wrong.
  • Humor mixed with sorrow! It is actually a very sad story! But I just love how they included little funny things (to stop audience from crying or looking away I presume).

These are my “few” reasons WHY YOU SHOULD GO AND WATCH THE SERIES IMMEDIATELY. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve seen it, if you liked it, if you adored it more than anything in the world! Just let it all out, it’s alright!

With love,



19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events and how amazing Netflix series are!

  1. I have only seen the first episode (I’m watching WAY too many TV shows at the moment and I’m going crazy so I’ve only gotten that far). I do plan to watch the whole thing and I do plan on writing about it once I do finish it. I know it’s only 8 episodes, but I can’t seem to find time!
    So for my first episode analysis: I loved and hated NPH. I don’t know he brought a certain style, that was very theatrical and that really makes Count Olaf stand out because he’s supposed to be theatrical. But he was just too comical for my taste. I agree with you I can totally see Barney played out in this character. I think I need more time with this to give more of an opinion, but I loved Jim Carrey in the role better. He was more scary and that’s kinda what I liked about the books. It was dreary and a little scary but all the situations they found themselves in was kinda comical, to give it a little relief.

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  2. I just finished it yesterday and I adore it! I also want to read the books now. Most of Netflix’s shows are good there just done so well. My favorite part of the show is Sunny she’s so cute, and funny.

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  3. I totally agree.. I love Neil Patrick Harris in this role.. I just love how it is so different to barney stinson. As for Lemony Snickett I do agree a bit but like the character. It’s has voice that does it for me!! It’s the melancholy in his voice.. I don’t know what it is but I just love it!! I read a few of the books but I do want the series x

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  4. I NEED TO WATCH IT! (also need to find enough time to binge-watch it ^^) I’ve been watching JesseTheReader’s videos for some time and he mentions this books a lot, and now he’s doing videos about the tv show. I also saw some tweets and a couple of blog posts, but you’re right, there’s absolutely no hype or excitement about it. :/

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  5. I’m currently on the third or forth episode, I’m watching it with my boyfriend so like I have to wait till we’re together for more. I’ve never read the books but I know a lot of people love them, totally loving the show so far though

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