Why are we afraid of Friday the 13th?

Ever since I was little, I used to gather together with friends after dark and tell creepy stories every single Friday the 13th. But WHY? I never knew and honestly never bothered questioning why Friday the 13th was supposed to be the scariest and unluckiest day (or sometimes even days!) of the year.

Is it just superstition? Had anything bad and unexplainable happened to you on Friday the 13th? And WHY FRIDAY?! I love Fridays, no matter what day of the month it is, Friday is always the day we are looking forward to.

For tonight’s discussion post there couldn’t be any better topic! It is about time for us to stop being afraid of the unknown and dig deeper into the dark story of Friday the 13th.  (no “grave digging” reference, I wasn’t going to scare you! Please, I am not like that!)

Many sources refer to Judas as the 13th apostle to sit down at the Jesus’s last supper. Other believe that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened on Friday the 13th. And also that Friday the 13th was the day when Eve bit the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, and the list of unfortunate events goes on. Apparently a lot of bad things happened on Friday the 13th!

Intrigued by these scary events, I went and dug even deeper! Do you want to know what else happened on this cursed day? Here are few of the events (All light-hearted people close this page immediately! You heard me!)

In 1307 French King Philip IV arrested and tortured hundreds of Knights Templars. Coincidence you might say? Alright! But what about a cyclone that hit Bangladesh in 1970 that was considered one of the worst natural disasters in history?

Still not convinced? In England, just 7 years ago, a boy was struck by lightning on Friday the 13th!

Tragic events that might or might not be related to the world-wide superstition of Friday the 13th.

My Friday was a very productive and particularly uneventful (the day isn’t over yet, so I better stay at home and lock all the doors and windows!).

How was your unluckiest day of the year? And where do you stand when it comes to superstitions? Let me know in the comments down below!


P.S. I just had to mention «Friday, the Thirteenth» by Thomas W. Lawson, make sure to check it out to infuse you with the true spirit of superstition!

P.P.S. According to Wikipedia, the unluckiest day in Italy is Friday 17th?! Any Italian readers please either confirm or deny this! I am very curious.


With love from under my bed,



7 thoughts on “Why are we afraid of Friday the 13th?

  1. This was very interesting!! It’s just a normal day to me tbh, but a few years ago I used to say “It’s because of the day” every time I’d let my pen fall – turns out I wasn’t unlucky, just clumsy haha

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