My Favourite Books of 2016

2016 is over, guys! To wrap it up, I decided to go through all the books I read in 2016 and pick my absolute favourites (painful process!!).

Please, ignore the fact that it’s already 5th of January. It’s still the first week of January so I am fine. I am fine. Absolutely fine! Even though my January TBR is not even written yet! And I haven’t read a single book this year yet! Something else.. yet! I don’t know what I am blabbing about.

Let’s just dive in the books and ignore my whimpering! Here we go!



1 – The last book (ARC) of the year was probably the best book I have ever read! «The Bear and the Nightingale» by Katherine Arden was magical, slightly scary (that I did not expected!) and absolutely fabulous! The release date is 12th of January and I´ve already pre-ordered a polished copy! My review will be posted next week (full of the feels and fan girling screams!)


2 – «Throne of Glass» by Sarah J. Maas! By far one of the best fanstasy series! The second book is on its way and I can’t wait to get my hands on it (and take tons of instagram pictures 😀 )


3 – This one shares the second place with the book above. «Lady Midnight» by Cassandra Clare! O. M. G. HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THAT MONSTER?! And now imagine me reading it in one day! Definitely one of the best reads of last year. I am actually thinking about pre-ordering the next book as soon as possible (it will never arrive on time, but still.. )


4 – «Fangirl» by Rainbow Rowell. I fell in love with Rainbow Rowell´s writing after reading this book therefore read 2 more of her books – «Landline» and «Attachments». All of them made me incredibly happy.


5 – Finally, the other author that I absolutely loved is Gillian Flynn. It all started with «Gone Girl» but I also read «Dark Places» in 2016! And I am not planning to stop any time soon.

There are some other honorable mentions that I LOVED but that didn’t quite make it to the top 5! And they are:

What was YOUR favourite reads of 2016? Let me know in the comments down below!

With Love,



15 thoughts on “My Favourite Books of 2016

  1. Regardless of when you post your TBR or end or year favorites this year, it’ll still be the new year. I think the new year becomes an old one when we start to “look back” on it. 😊 Anyway, I can’t wait for Bear n Nightingale to be out so I can read it.

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