2017 Resolutions | It is time for a NEW ME!

It is the 2nd of January and I have only just started to write down my resolutions for the New Year. Way to be organized!

This time around, the end of the year felt very overwhelming. There were too many things to do (or too many things I wanted to do) but I wasn’t fully prepared for.

Being a fanatic organizational and a control freak (Yes, here. I admit it), the moments of my life when I can’t fully grab the reins of the time horse translate a lot onto my mood and well-being. This year it is all about to change! (Hope big or Go home!)


First of all, my biggest goal in 2017 is to resolve all pending issues and finally get a moment of mental relaxation. It’s something I’ve been wanting for months (actually the whole year of 2016) – to solve things quickly and take them off my to-do list (because it grows everyday and there will be a point when the list will come after me with knives and guns).


Stay organized and productive! I find it very relaxing to spend few hours catching up on some YouTube videos, but there has to be moderation and rules! My ultimate goal is to have a full month of blog posts ready and scheduled, because with a full time job, studying, and life in general, blogging sometimes falls to second tenth on my priority and that’s not OK!


Read more! 2016 was a pretty good reading year. As busy as I was, I still managed to read 60 smth books and most of them were wonderful stories. I definitely want to keep it up. My GoodReads goal for 2017 remains the same – 50 books, but if possible I want to get more reading done. And of course, read more classics! My “Classic a Month” printable and all your support will hopefully provided the much needed push.


Stay active! There have been so many weekends last year, when I didn’t even leave the house – I was blogging, I was reading, I was doing everything but going outside. And this needs to be changed! Staying active is a great way to energise your body and your mind and that is exactly what I need the most.


Learn new things! I love learning. I truly do. It’s a great way to open your horizons, get more positive energy and just feel good about yourself, i.e. knowing all circles in Dante’s hell. (Yes, we watched Inferno last night and all I can think about is rereading Dante’s «Inferno»).  

  • Bullet journaling. It’s something I want to get into and learn more about.
  • Hand lettering. I feel like all my life people kept telling me how pretty my handwriting is (just a fact! Not bragging, please!), so I ought to do something with it!
  • Free on-line courses. The writing and photography courses I’ve taken last year were greaT. I absolutely loved them and learnt quite a lot. Definitely something to bring along to 2017.


Experience new things! Be it travelling or just going for a walk at the beach (that is only 5 minutes away! There are no excuses!) I want to be open for all new experiences and ideas – that sometimes hit in me in the most unexpected places.


Relax and focus on myself! I think it is okay to be selfish from time to time and just focus on myself. When my mind is in the right place,all the pieces of the puzzle come together.


Keep up the instagram game! Do you remember me rambling about how I hate taking pictures?! I have dedicated at least 2 or 3 blog posts (correct me if I am wrong) to my hatred. However, I have made it a habit to take a ton of pictures every single weekend and have been posting at least 2 times per day for a couple of months now! THAT for me is a very big accomplishment and I am planning for it to stay this way (Hopefully.. fingers crossed((then on the shutter))!)

Stay creative! The last but definitely not the least, I’ve been feeling very creative lately – with all the ideas for blog posts or instagram or printables or some other random things. This does not happen often, not every day, not even once a week. But recently it seemed like I’ve been bitten by a radioactive creativity bug and all I need to do now is find and capture it! And NEVER LET IT GO! (Mua ha ha <- *evil laugh*)

This might be the longest post I’ve ever written and the most I’ve ever rambled, I hope you won’t hold it against me because (A) it’s so inspiring to read other people’s resolutions, and (B) one ramble per month is not a crime (It’s not, I am telling you! I have a few criminal codes laying on my shelves – metaphorical shelf that is in my closet because I desperately need A NEW BOOKSHELF!)

With love,



14 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions | It is time for a NEW ME!

  1. I think these are all WONDERFUL resolutions!! I definitely fall into the “stays in all weekend” category and agree with you that it’d be great to get more active!

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  2. Great post! Don’t you just wish there was more time in the day? I do! All your goals sound so fun and make me want to start doing new things, but gosh finding the time is my problem. I’ve set myself up to be more active (once the spring comes I want to get on my bike again, I miss riding my bike to the library). I also want to watch more TV which the complete opposite of being active haha I’m just a walking contradiction 😛

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