2017 Reading Challenge + Free Printable!

UPDATE: Download the updated version of Classic-a-Month printable for 2019!

It’s the last day of the year and frankly, I am (A) very glad that 2016 is finally over and there is a chance that 2017 will be so much better, and (B) stupefied about how quickly time has passed!

One of the things that I want to improve in the coming year is reading classics! I say it every year and every year I failed miserably.

This time I decided it would be different! To track my progress I created my first printable for «Classic a Month» challenge that I created for myself for the next year! (If you are interested in it, make sure to tag along! I will try to post updates at least once a month where we can share our progress – we will make it with this community´s support!)


You can DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE for «Classic a Month» 2017 reading challenge  Hope it will be helpful to keeping track of your progress.


Since this is the first ever printable that I´ve created, I decided to keep it simple but elegant. I wanted for it to be black and white so everyone can print it out without a need of fancy papers or colors. However, for the future, I am thinking of making both variations of printables – black and white and colored version. (Let’s see how this goes and if you enjoy it 🙂 )

Make sure to leave any tips or recommendations in the comment down below!

With love,




15 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge + Free Printable!

  1. I meant to read more classics this year but was only mildly successful. Reading a classic a month is a good idea I’ll definitely be joining you.

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  2. Your printable looks fabulous! Definitely looks like it’d help keep you organized. I have all of my challenges written down in my bullet journal and I’m hoping that’ll keep me on point!

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