Christmas BookHaul | Because I can never have enough books!

When someone asks me: “Alex, what would you like for Christmas?” My immediate and only answer is BOOKS (or anything bookish). This answer never changes and it is always the same for any other occasions. 

This year my friends and family finally heard my pleadings and actually got me some books! (Besides the ones I got for myself, because after a hard year of working it seemed appropriate to treat myself a little.. well, a lot!)

This won’t be a tedious post with tons of words! Instead I’d like to show you some shiny and beautiful covers of my new books!

1 – English Books:

These were under the tree on Christmas Day and I couldn’t be any more happier! (I might have bought both books in the Illuminae series, wrapped and put them under the tree for myself.. No, it’s not pathetic! I just love books! P.S. it might have been Santa.)

The next day, during a trip to a nearby town (which was absolutely amazing btw!), we found a bookstore full of used English books for super low prices! I got my second Xmas present that resulted in a whole series of The Hunger Games and The Hive by Gill Hornby (my fist hardcover book!)

2 – Portuguese Books:

I received two more books in Portuguese from my friend and family. I might save the one on the right for summer – judging by the cover it seems like perfect summer read!

Paulo Coelho used to be one of my favourite authors, so I am looking forward to read this book (after a break of 10 years from his writing!)

3 – Russian Books:

Finally, I bought a copy of Pride and Prejudice in Russian that matched my other classics and hoping to buy more from the same collection range. I will make sure to include a photo of it in my future post!


I am super pleased with all the new books (welcome to the family, guys!). However, I am having a big problem now – There is no space on my bookshelves! I even had to take all of my Law Codes and hide them in the closet to try to solve this issue. Considering that I will be studying more next year and I will actually need my codes, I think a new shelf will be inevitable.

How was your Christmas? And how many books did you manage to acquire during the wild month of December?? Let me know in the comments down below.

With love,



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