Top 6 Books for a Perfect Christmas Mood

Last week we posted our November Wrap Ups, December TBRs and got very excited for the month of X-masy posts, cold winter, snow and gift hunting!

As a true friend I am (don’t question it!), I’ve compiled a list of books that will definitely put you in a xmasy mood (if you aren’t already). There is no escape!

  For lovers of YA contemporaries or just cute and light novels, my choices are (All read and approved by yours truly):



«Girl On-line» by Zoe Sugg.

If you haven’t read it yet, get it right now, make yourself super comfortable and binge read it from the beginning till the end in one sitting! It was absolutely unbelievably cute. The story is set around Christmas time and will give you that much-needed boost.





«The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily» by Rachel Cohn.

Another cute and light novel for younger audience (or even for older, like me, when we can’t stay away from YA for too long). It follows Dash and Lily during the 12 days before Christmas, will be an easy read that makes you feel warm and ready to face your own families during Christmas times.



For us, adults, (Yes, I am considering myself an adult, even though I read and reread Harry Potter over and over again and there is no ending to this madness):



«Landline» by Rainbow Rowell.

I will never stop loving Rainbow Rowell and her amazing books! And when it has a hint of Xmas miracle in it, I am all up for it! If you haven’t read any of Rainbow Rowell book or if you, just like me, can’t stay away from her novels, make sure to check it out!





A bit heavier compared to the ones above, but absolutely stunning and incredibly interesting «To Capture What We Cannot Keep» by Beatrice Colin.

This was one of the best historical fiction I’ve ever read and the whole idea of snowy Paris and Eiffel Tower made me want to spend Xmas in Paris!



  Finally, for everyone out there, there are no better Xmas-y reads than:

3880b004-5031-4b43-ab4a-d14f045cc3d5«Harry Potter»! All of them! You have plenty of time before Xmas, start from the first and read all of them until 24th of December (I am actually considering doing just! Wish me luck!)

«Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them». I am saving this one for the last weeks of December! I am absolutely sure that I will adore the movie just as much as Harry Potter!


Make sure to check on later, I will be posting reviews for all the books recommended above, and I would love to know your thoughts and opinions!

Let me know in the comments down below what other Xmas-y reads you’d recommend for me to check out.

With love, 



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