December 2016 | Goals

So! DECEMBER! Can you believe that we are already in December 2016? It seems like the whole year just flew by! Where did Autumn go? Why is everything moving so quickly? Please, stop!

My TBR for the month of December isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I have some wonderful books sitting on my shelf waiting for me to pick them up, but since we all know how well I follow my TBR lists… let’s just make it a list of «Goals» this time!

It is the end of the year and it feels like I shouldn’t be starting anything new, instead try to finish everything else and start the new year feeling over productive!

First of all, MY BOOKISH PRIORITY goes to certain books that are coming out in January,  I want to read and review them ASAP (because #productive), and they are:



«Two Days Gone» by Randall comes out on the 1st of January! And honestly, I am so pumped about reading it. It’s the genre I absolutely adore – a small town, a college professor and a mass murder (sounds like Dark Places? Oh, sure it does! And as a true fan of Gillian Flynn my level of excitement is over 9000!).






One of the most requested arcs and one of the most awaited books of January 2017 – «The Bear and the Nightingale» by Katherine Arden. This is a story inspired by Russian folklore (or at least it sounded like it!) and as a child who grew up listening and reading Russian stories I am at the same time: (A) excited to read it and (B) scared that it might not be as good as I am hoping for it to be!







And finally, «Gilded Cage» by Vic James. Another book that I am very excited about. The description reminded me of «Divergent» and «The Selection Series» and I just had to request it!





These are the ARCs I want to get to as soon as possible! (Waiting for some other to be sent to me because I can never have enough!!)

As for MY BLOG, I am trying something new this December! (Are you excited?? I sure am!) My blog has always been a hobby to me, something I commit to when I have time to do it. Although I love it so so much and secretly wish it would be my main job! Shhhh! This means that I never had a proper posting schedule, or never followed weekly memes or other “scheduled” releases.

But! This is all about to change! I am planning to have at least three main posts per week (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday), with books reviews in between. (We’ll see how well this works out for me…)

Finally, as for my other WORK AND STUDY RELATED TASKS, I am hoping to complete as many pending items as possible by the end of December and organise my studies for the next year.

What are your December plans? Let me know in the comments down below! Or if you posted your December TBR / Goals, make sure to link it below so I can check it out!

With love,


P.S. I will finally start the «Throne of Glass» series! I promise!!! I will start it right this evening!


5 thoughts on “December 2016 | Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals! I should set out some for myself, but I keep procrastinating. I did challenge myself for the month of December to watch a Christmas movie every day (I know not book related) but I really just want to get festive on my blog! 😊

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