How to Be Somone Else by Rachel Den | A “Find Yourself” or a Cringy New Adult Novel?

What seemed like an interesting, “find yourself” sort of novel, turned out to be an absolute disappointment.

Unfortunately, the month of October was full of downfalls when it came to reading. Yes, some of the books were quite interesting but none of them became my new favourite. (*insert a sad smiley here*).


htbse_kindlecoverPenny has lived her life letting others take the reins, leaving her to simply follow in line. After completing her senior year of College she’ll join her father’s marketing firm, get married and start a family.

When her parents drop a bomb on her — that they are getting divorced — Penny decides it’s time to start living by her own rules. And when she meets mysterious P.J. Hawthorne, a published writer who seems to know much more about Penny than she lets on, she knows this is her chance to finally get her life moving in the right direction.

But as questions about her new life overwhelm her, so do thoughts of sweet and gorgeous Alex — who just so happens to be her best friend.

What follows is a series of poor decisions, each one more worrisome than the last, forcing Penny further and further away from not only Alex, but from becoming the woman she’s sure she’s meant to be.

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Let’s see what stood out for me the most!


  • THE IDEA was decent. It could have been written in a more captivating way. Penny, struggling with her parents divorce, the whole life turning upside down  – seemed like an interesting plot to start with.
  • PJ and her influence as a writer and mentor. Actually an interesting twist at the end of the book when it comes to PJ. Look out for it!
  • Penny being an avid reader and a writer. That is something most of us (bookworms) can relay to and enjoy reading about something so close to our hearts.


  • Everything else! The writing was not for me, the spicy scenes was something I did not expect when requesting this book. Alex was annoying. Penny was twice as annoying. The things she struggled over didn’t seem like a big deal for me. Everything was a little bit exaggerated (when I say a little I mean A LOT!). I cringed and I cringed and I cringed some more until the book was over.
My Rating:

I received this book from YaBoundBookTours for review (what seemed like a good idea at the time). Sadly, this book was not for me. I was hoping for some Literary Fiction and instead this is more of a New Adult novel (that I am not particularly fond of).

I would love to know if any of you like New Adult books? And what would you recommend in this genre?




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