Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood | A Story about Love and Revenge or about an Obsessed Lunatic?


Theater director Felix has been unceremoniously ousted for his role as Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Festival. When he lands a job teaching theater in a prison, the possibility of revenge presents itself – and his cast find themselves taking part in an interactive and illusion-ridden version of The Tempest that will change their lives forever.


Published: 11th of October 2016

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  • The COMPLEX CHARACTER – FELIX PHILLIPS. From the very beginning til the last page, I kept finding out more and more details about protagonist’s personality, which grew as the story progressed. Was he a lunatic? Was he obsessed with the idea of revenge? 
  • Do you need to read The Tempest before reading Hag-Seed? Absolutely not! Does it make you want to read Shakespeare? YES, YES and YES! I love the incentive that this book gives, I want to go back to the roots and explore Shakespeare even further.
  • UNIQUE PERSONALITIES of “actors”. What stood out for me was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play to the modern day prison, where the choice of actors was quite limited. Nonetheless, each and single one of them was presented in an interesting way, displaying different traits.
  • QUICK READ AND CAPTIVATING WRITING. I’ve never read Margaret Atwood books before. Her writing is light, interesting and effortless. (secretly wishing I was just as good!)


  • The whole story was build on revenge and getting things right. It felt like all of the characters put so much effort into the ending… A VERY DISAPPOINTING ENDING. I can’t tell too much about it for very obvious reasons (#nospoilers rule). Just let me say that I expected much more and was dismayed to find out how the story came to an end.

Overall it was a very good read, motivational and interesting.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, and I am very glad that I got a chance to read it.

Would I recommend it? YES! Would I recommend to read the Tempest before you read Hag-Seed? Also YES! (it’s not necessary, but it might help you understand the plot and character’s motivations a little bit better).

My rating:


Have you read this book? Or maybe any other Margaret Atwood books? Or maybe you love Shakespeare? Let me know in the comment down below!



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