GoodReads 2016 Challenge Completed!

I did it, guys! My yearly goal was not very high this time – only 50 books. But I am so proud to be completing this ahead of time!

(Also I just bought a bunch of AMAZING books that should be arriving soon, so I hope to go crazy mode in November! i.e. Closing myself in the room and reading 24/7!)

If anyone interested to see what books I read this year, here is the link —-> GoodReads Challenge 2016

Have you completed your GoodReads challenge this year? If not, how many books do you have left?




22 thoughts on “GoodReads 2016 Challenge Completed!

  1. Nice!!! Congratulations Alex!! I only set my goal to 50 too same as every year but I’m now on my 90th read which surprised me too. And happy reading once your book haul arrives, it’s always a happy moment. LOL


      1. I have no idea actually!! This is my first year going past my 50th mark. I’m not sure how you read but I noticed that since I bought myself a Kindle this year, I tend to read faster compared to when I read physical ones. I guess that was one factor for me.

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      2. Me too. I switch them up – then I noticed that I read faster with ebooks. I don’t have an actual explanation as to why but in my case – it’s mainly because I do a lot of reading before sleeping and I can easily do it with lights off with the kindle versus with the physical book.

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  2. Congratulations on completing your challenge this year Alex, also with a couple of months left to go of this year you can probably get a few more books read as well! 😀
    I completed my Goodreads Challenge a few days ago but I still have more books on my to-read list to get through so I should be able to beat mine as well. 🙂

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  3. Oh! Everyone is doing so well! I pledged 72 books and am still down in the twenties of boooks reviewed although I have read a lot more than that. I haven’t given up yet but if I do, by some miracle, make it, it’s going to be close.

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