Political Issues in Illea | Interesting Concept in the Selection Series

Once upon a time, in a peaceful kingdom far far away, there lived a young girl. Raised in the family of artists, she’s seen and experienced what it was like and what it takes to survive in the world divided in castes.

The Illea nation was created after the United States of America became independent from Chinese totalitarianism in the Fourth World War. Named after Gregory Illea, the monarchy and castes were created to revive the country from its scarred state after difficult war years.

Let me say straight away, the political structure and the whole idea behind the plot was the main reason why I kept reading the books in the series.

Don’t get me wrong, they are very light and easy to read, full of YA romance, love affairs and competition, but there were definitely points that made me cringe from time to time.


  • The first, as already mentioned, is the whole NEW POLITICAL CONCEPT: The USA after the Forth World War; Chinese worldwide influence; the return of the monarchy system mixed with slight democratic signs here and there; the castes and restrictions that came with them – all of these contributed to an interesting background story while we were exploring the Selection competition (which is also not without a political pretext).
  • THERE IS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. For exactly the reasons in the previous point. At the first glance, the story seemed to be ordinary YA romance, HOWEVER! there is so much more to it! This definitely does not happen often in the YA literature and I absolutely loved it!
  • THE COMPETITION AND INTRIGUES. I am halfway through the last book and competition gets more and more fierce with every page, as more and more girls are sent away. It definitely grips your attention.


  • The LOVE TRIANGLE…. again… Please, authors, stop! I feel like the teenagers that read these books will think that it’s okay to be in the situations like this, to actually CREATE these love triangles, because who doesn’t want to be like the character from the favourite book. IT IS NOT OKAY! 
  • The main female characters CAN NEVER DECIDE. It was getting on my nerves! Seriously!

My rating:

I am still not finished with the third book in the series and there might be more thing I’ll like / dislike about the ending of America’s story, so stay tuned for more updates on the Selection series.


9 thoughts on “Political Issues in Illea | Interesting Concept in the Selection Series

  1. ugh, I hate love triangles. there’s is absolutely noting I hate more. I want to read this too but I don’t think that will be anytime soon.


      1. Oh no. and I really want to read it. I should have known, with 2 guys and a girl. I really should’ve known. I hope it’s a well written love triangle. one where even I can’t choose a guy.


  2. I hated this book, I have to admit. I hated the second one possibly more. I just found America really unlikable, and one of those characters where the OTHER characters keep saying she’s brilliant even though she keeps doing unintelligent things.

    However, I do think the politics are interesting. I can buy into America going back to a monarchy, though the caste system might be a stretch. We have political families who hold power generation after generation, so not that different from nobility even though we pretend.


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