Every Blogger’s Morning Routing

We all do it, and there is no shame in admitting. We are all addicted to view numbers, new notifications, new comments, NEW something… anything at all?? Please???

So here is the list of things all of us fellow bloggers do (did at some point / will eventually do) when we wake up!

#1. Grab our phone / tablet from the night table where we left it before falling asleep and check our BLOG NOTIFICATIONS!

#2. Prepare our favourite tea / coffee and immediately go to the laptop / PC (that we don’t often turn off just in case inspiration hits us in the middle of the night, to not spend time waiting for the machine to turn on and meanwhile all of our AMAZING SMART AND INCREDIBLE ideas vanish in the dark nether of nothingness.)

#3. After replying to comments and liking posts, and hours of scrolling up and down pages, we then go to our e-mail and check if there is any news from publishers, because we WANT OUR ARC COPIES AND WE WANT THEM NOW!

#4. Now it’s about time to check facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, tumblr and all other numerous websites where we try to engage with our readers. (Seriously, Internet! Why are there so many SOCIAL NETWORKS?!)

#5. After all that hard work, we finally search for new book releases, book sales, book promotions, book tours, book blitz, books for free, books for money, BOOKS and more BOOKS.

Because we, as book bloggers, need to always stay up to date with all the news and releases in the bookish world. (We are like book specialists. Ask us anything! We know it all! P.S. There is no Q&A tab on my blog, please don’t ask questions!)

#6. Time flew by in a «sip of coffee» (Aren’t you tired of «blink of an eye» expression? I surely sip pretty quick!), and it’s time to go to work / school / college and face our everyday life.

P.S. We DO check our blog and social media every so often throughout a day. There is no rest from the Internet!

P.P.S. We DO check our phone for notifications every hour. Ok, minute. Ok! Fine, second. (But just between us! No, we are not addicted. We are just hard working bees!)




16 thoughts on “Every Blogger’s Morning Routing

  1. Great post Alex, I feel like this is literally my blogging schedule every day. Especially checking my phone for notification every few minutes, even while I’m at work, because I apparently can’t leave my blog even for a few minutes! 😀
    And time does fly, I start replying to comments and commenting on posts and before I know it hours have flown by. Still, I wouldn’t change it for anything! 😀

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      1. Hahahaha no guilt!!! I feel guilty about my poor baby blog. I had 2 whole weeks worth of posts pre-written when I started, now I think I’m 3 posts ahead total?!?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha. I love making to-do lists so I just always add “blog post” onto it and half the time I actually get around to it! I’m a big slacker at blog hopping though *hangs head*. It’s so much fun but I always do it at night and suddenly its’ 2 am and I have to be at work in 6 hours… lol!

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