September 2016 | Round Up

September was the most exciting month of this year. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to read a lot… BUT! I’ve done and seen so many amazing things. I flew across the world and met the nicest people. Let’s get started!



If you seen my August posts, you probably know that I took two online courses. Let me say, they were painless and extremely helpful, plus they were FREE.

So! I finished the Writing for the Web course in the beginning of September and received a shiny certificate that is now mine! and ONLY mine! I must say it surprised me in a good way. Very concise short videos provided you enough information and if you wished to learn a bit more there were extra links and articles you could read.

Sadly I didn’t complete the second course – the Art (more like science/user manual for a DSLR camera) of Photography… and my hopes that it would make me enjoy taking pictures vanished pretty much immediately after the first week…



And again some of you might already know that I went on holidays somewhere far far away in September. I went to HONG KONG! Crazy, right? I still can’t believe it happened.

From Portugal to Hong Kong… (literally to the other end of the world) it was a 13 hours flight, which was strangely comfortable and quick (does it make sense?). I watched so many cool new movies (can I fly again?? pretty please??).

  • I met amazing people during the trip,
  • Saw the city of lights,
  • The paradise of shopping,
  • Pink dolphins and Pink flamingos,
  • Streets full of pet shops with hundreds of kitten and puppies (MEOW!),
  • Beautiful sceneries, and TALKING bird, DANCING water, BREAKFAST noodle, and many other combination of word I don’t usually see together; and



September was a weird month when it came to reading. I was scared to commit to any book knowing that I would be travelling. I tried reading on the trip but there was just no time for it (Not because the trip planning was poor! There was just so much to see!).

Sadly (for me) I only read three books in September, but I think I started at least 5 and didn’t finish, what I usually don’t do… Strange!

So the books I read were two from the Selection series. (I am debating with myself whether I should read the third book and post review or if I should just review the two books I’ve read… It’s a difficult choice to make, OK?)

P.S. And a Russian crime novel that was light and took me no time to finish was the third book I finished in September.

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