Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling | The Boy Who Saved… wait… Ruined the World?

Before saying anything about the book, if you don’t want to read a review (which I completely understand) but instead want to know if you should pick it up. YES, You definitely should! PICK IT UP NOW and START READING!

And Finally! The moment you all have been waiting for! (or not) (Does this remind you of a circus introduction?)

What I liked:

  • THE MAGICAL WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! It has been so long since the last Harry Potter book that I have completely forgotten how magical and wonderful the wizarding world is. It just makes you want to wrap the book around yourself and see if it sucks you in (and you are 11 again and can go to Hogwarts obviously, otherwise what’s the point?! Am I right?!)
  • A BREAK FROM CHEESY YA NOVELS! It was definitely much more enjoyable than most of the books I read recently, there was no cheesiness, it was relatable and REAL. Don’t get me wrong, we all love our daily dose of cheesy YA, but it was wonderful to read something else entirely.
  • FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS! Because it is all about friendship and it is beautiful! Beautiful, I tell you!Only – friends. Funny word – friends. Not that funny. Just a word really. Friends. Friend. Funny friend.” #RonWeasley2016
  • A BOOK TO FLY THROUGH! Alright, so! It might look like a decent size book, but it is actually not. Have you seen the spaces between the lines? (My «writing for the web» teacher would be very pleased with “white space” left there, the more the merrier!) And also, it is a PLAY. All you need is 3-4 hours and you are DONE. (and then comes the heartbroken feeling of “I want more Harry Potter books! And I want them now!”).

What I disliked:

  • From 11 to 14 in a matter of 50 pages?! It shocked me. Like, literally. How can we go through 3 years in such a short period of time?! I get it that they wanted the main character to be a bit older to be able to go through the adventures the way he did… but… it bothered me quite a bit. DO NOT FEAR THOUGH! After the first 50 pages the horrific growth of the character will stop and we can start to enjoy the story.
  • We all age at different rates, but Harry Potter will always remain a teenager in my head! This is not exactly book’s or story’s fault, just my old head doesn’t really want to get around the fact that Harry Potter is no longer a teenager. (because it means I am no longer a teenager either! *covering my mouth so you won’t hear me sob*). Throughout the entire book I was imagining a young Harry Potter and had quickly correcting myself many times!

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After my thought and feelings (oh, so many feelings) I thought I would tell you the story of HOW I got the book (feel free to skip this part, although it will be full of anger and unbelievable incompetence so you might want to stick around!).

So to not drag this for too long, I will just list what happened (yes, I like lists and bullet points and check lists and everything that has word “list” in it):

  • I pre-ordered the book around beginning of June (thank you, my dearest friend, for the amazon gift card);
  • The big day (31st of July of course) was slowly approaching (I even had a milestone countdown on my blog – that big of a day!);
  • Starting from saturday, July 30th, I was checking amazon website every minute to see when they will dispatch it!
  • Finally, on the afternoon of the 31st it was sent out and I should be receiving it 5 days later (not ideal of course, but anything for HP book!)
  • The mail carrier sent me an e-mail on Tuesday, saying that it would be delivered to me on Wednesday (2 days before schedule! I couldn’t believe my luck!)
  • Wednesday passed by and… nothing. Thursday came and passed and… nothing. Friday morning the carrier’s website said: “Out for delivery” and made me jump around the Office in happiness.
  • Friday passed and guess what? You are correct! NOTHING!!
  • Long story short (and after the parcel being “out for delivery” THREE times) I finally received it two weeks after the release date! (amazing carriers are amazing – can you feel the sarcasm here? Because it is pouring out of me at the moment.)

What did you think about the new Harry Potter play? Have you seen it in the theater? Did you like it? Do you want to read it? Let me know in the comments down below!

With love,




11 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling | The Boy Who Saved… wait… Ruined the World?

  1. I’m s glad you enjoyed this book. I haven’t read it yet (it’s on my shelf waiting for me to get around to it) but I was lucky enough to go and see the play in London so I know all the relevant plot details. I think for a lot of people the hype didn’t really live up to the promise but it’s Harry Potter so there’s always going to be that nostalgia there.
    My friend was shocked by the 11-14 in a few pages part as well. I didn’t expect it either but I guess the writers needed the characters to be older but still wanted to show a little of that development!
    Great review! 😀

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  2. The same thing happened to me! I got this book after three entire weeks! I was dying to read it. Then I opened it and oh look! is that script!? I was expecting an actual book so I got let down a bit… That and the growth speed. But it was all okay because it was an amazing book that I died for.

    Liked by 1 person

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