The Secret Life of the Book Blogger

I was tagged by lovely Becca @ ShihtzuBookReviews to do “The Secret Life of the Book Blogger Tag”. I’ve seen it around for a while and have been itching to do it!

Thank you so much for tagging me! Hope it will be as fun for you to read it, as it was for me to answer these questions.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What is the best part?

I would like to point out a few things here: (1) the bookish community of course, people who blog, people who read, and just in general people who are in love with books as much as I am, Continue reading “The Secret Life of the Book Blogger”


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn | No Sunny Days for the Day Family

Goodreads Blurb:

Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice” of Kinnakee, Kansas.” She survived—and famously testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer.
Twenty-five years later, the Kill Club—a secret society obsessed with notorious crimes—locates Libby and pumps her for details. They hope to discover proof that may free Ben. Libby hopes to turn a profit off her tragic history: She’ll reconnect with the players from that night and report her findings to the club—for a fee.
As Libby’s search takes her from shabby Missouri strip clubs to abandoned Oklahoma tourist towns, the unimaginable truth emerges, and Libby finds herself right back where she started—on the run from a killer.

Continue reading “Dark Places by Gillian Flynn | No Sunny Days for the Day Family”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling | The Boy Who Saved… wait… Ruined the World?

Before saying anything about the book, if you don’t want to read a review (which I completely understand) but instead want to know if you should pick it up. YES, You definitely should! PICK IT UP NOW and START READING! Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling | The Boy Who Saved… wait… Ruined the World?”

101: Trip Planning Part 1 – Research

I know most of you already went and came back from holidays, but as my holidays will be in September and I am going somewhere exciting very far away, I decided to share with you my way of trip planning (especially when it comes to books). Continue reading “101: Trip Planning Part 1 – Research”

The Versatile Blogger Award


  • Show the award on your blog;
  • Thank the person that has nominated you;
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself;
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice;
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

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Book Buying Addiction

This article will probably be more of a reminder for myself than written for anyone else, but Hey! We need to do all it takes to make sure we don’t spend much on books we won’t even read, right?

I came up with few tips that I have been using myself for few months now and honestly, they work! Continue reading “Book Buying Addiction”

3 Days, 3 Quotes – Day 3

I got so much into the “quote making process” and all photoshop features, that I am feeling quite sad that this tag will be over today. Thank you (once again), Martin @  A Pretty Wonderful Book for tagging me!

I definitely would love to post more amazing quotes and pictures (even though it does take a fair amount of time to create them…).

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you,
2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day),
3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

For today’s quote you all have a privilage to look at my wonderful back on the picture! (just kidding! It is me though).

quote 3

For the final three tags!

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