Review: Carrie’s Run (Homeland #1) by Andrew Kaplan


Book: Carrie’s Run (Homeland #1)

Author: Andrew Kaplan

Publisher: Marcador (Portuguese)

Year: 2014

Rating: ★★★ / 5

Beirut, 2006. CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison barely escapes an ambush while attempting a clandestine meeting with a new contact, code-name Nightingale. Suspicious that security has been compromised, she challenges the station chief in a heated confrontation that gets her booted back to Langley.
Expert in recognizing and anticipating behavioral patterns—a skill enhanced by her bipolar disorder she keeps secret to protect her career—Carrie is increasingly certain that a terrorist plot has been set in motion. She risks a shocking act of insubordination that helps her uncover secret evidence connecting Nightingale with Abu Nazir, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Determined to stop the terrorist mastermind, she embarks on an obsessive quest that will nearly destroy her.

I have finally finished this book! Honestly, I can hardly believe that I did. It was given to me on Christmas two or three years ago and I kept putting it away, meaning to read it every month but then I wouldn’t. I think one of the reasons that kept me away from this book is the fact that there is a series based on it and I never actually seen the series or had the will to watch it, it just wasn’t that compelling to me.

Finally, I picked it up in the beginning of May… and fell in the huge reading slump…

However! I actually liked it quite a lot, so I have no idea where this slump came from. The only sad thing, that also doesn’t work in favor of this novel, is that it didn’t help me to get out from my reading slump! Hence I only gave it three stars.

Crime and thrillers are by far my most favourite genres, and this book lived up to all expectations you may have from these genres and more.

Carrie was an unusual character, not someone you would imagine leading a highly important operation, especially while suffering from mental illness severe enough that she had to hide from everyone otherwise it would mean the end of her career, struggling through the entire story. There were no other characters that stood out for me, but honestly I didn’t need anyone else, Carrie’s character was complex and unique enough.

I enjoyed the little romance introduced almost half way through the book, if you can even call it a romance, even though it ended as suddenly as it began, leaving no trace of any emotion, which did seem a bit weird.

The one question I always ask myself after finishing a book is “Do I want to continue on with the series? Is it a book I would like to reread?. In this case, I would say «No» to both of these questions, however now I feel like it is time for me to finally watch the series that has been pretty popular for few years now and see if the Carrie that I loved so much is just as complex and amazing on the screen.


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