Review:Reborn by Dean Murray


Book: Reborn (#1 in the Awakening Series)

Author: Den Murray

Format: E-BookYear: 2015

Rating: ★★★ / 5


In just a few days a new arrival at Selene’s high school will turn her entire world upside down. She’s never met anyone so attractive—or so mysterious—before this, but Jace’s unyielding insistence that they’ve known each other for decades can’t be denied—not given how familiar he feels to her.

I picked up this book for free on my kindle app, in the mood for some light reads to enjoy while on my way to work, classes, or whenever I would have some spare time but didn’t feel like taking my book out of my bag (yes, we all know that all of us, booklovers, actually carry a real book with us at all times. I wonder, can you buy a clutch big enough to sneak a book to a party, too? Hm… might be too dark to read though, nevermind this crazy idea.)

Now! How would I describe this book?

Cheesy, young adult novel with a hint of a somewhat engaging story. Definitely, easy to read if you ignore some bits, exactly what I was going for at that time.

The amount of cheesy scenes was over the top, however the idea behind the book was actually interesting and I would like to know what happens next but the romance was described in a way that made me stop reading the book few times. What a shame!

If someone out there actually read the entire series, please tell me that it is OK to proceed with the next book, that it will develop the world a lot more, that we will find out the background stories of the main characters…

Another critique I have is that the book could be a bit longer, I can’t really say that there were a lot of events in the first book and it definitely finished on the cliffhanger, sort of forcing readers to pick up the next book because the first one seems incomplete.

I am very reluctant here. I want to know how the story develops but at the same time I don’t think I can handle anymore of “Jace’s hot body” descriptions. I get it that YA is usually filled with these romances but I wish it was written in a more subtle way, make us guess instead of putting it all on the plate. Also, you can see that the romance was written by a man and not woman, especially when we see the thoughts of female characters.

If the storyline wouldn’t be interesting by itself I would definitely give the book 2 stars and never even ponder to keep up with the series. But it was captivating and the cliffhanger ending is killing me. So I am considering (but just considering) to read the next book.


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