Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Book: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Publisher: Orion Books
Year: 2015
Rating: ★★★★ / 5

«I can’t do anything but steal from people who can actually do things.»

The first advice to anyone who is interested in reading this book is: “Do not read what it says at the back of the book!” I went into it blind and enjoyed it quite a lot guessing who the “Red Queen” was going to be. Once I sat down to write this review I actually read the synopsis at the back and it totally spoiled big part of the story. (Just my personal opinion here)

Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel totally blew everyone away, hitting enormous amount of sales and winning Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Debut Author in 2015. Everyone is still talking about this book and hype just picked up again as the second novel in the series was released in the beginning of 2016.

The world of Reds and Silvers, the huge variety of magic and powers, the friendships and romance kept the story interesting and captivated my attention.

As my advice was to read the book without actually knowing much about it, I won’t present any summarized plots, hope you can forgive me for that. I am not being lazy, just hope you will enjoy it as much as I did or maybe even more!

Something I saw quite a few times was people describing Red Queen as an overhyped book.

Do I think it is overhyped? – No, absolutely not. It deserves every bit of fame it is getting.

Did I love the book to the point of continuing on with the series? – Yes, doubtlessly.

So now you might ask me: “You are saying all these nice things about the book, why did you only rate it four stars?!”

Right? I knew you were thinking that. But I cannot explain without going into details and spoiling some parts of the book.

Now it is the time for people who actually haven’t read the book yet to go and power through it! You won’t regret! And for the rest of us that know some parts of it by heart it is the time to discuss what actually happened!


As I was saying, I launched myself into the story without knowing much about it, just that there were Silvers, who were magical and powerful rulers of the Kingdoms, and there were Reds, normal people without any supernatural gifts whose fate was to work for Silvers forever. The title certainly made me think about a Red girl becoming something more, becoming a Queen, someone different who will change the world as it was known forever. But I didn’t know WHO it was going to be. Yes, the story was told from Mare’s perspective from the start, but look at her perfect and beautiful sister! Her description intrigued me to the point that I started doubting myself: “Maybe Mare is not so special afterall”.

I was amazed by the world Victoria Aveyard built with this book. It was described in such a way that made you imagine every little detail of it. The world could be a truly magical place, but of course the war and internal problems made it seem more relatable and realistic. Something that happens in our world all too often.

It took me a while to learn all the powers that Silvers had and their names. And I won’t lie, I still don’t remember all of them. Maybe they should make like a Glossary at the back of the book? To make it easier for people like me? ;D

Another thing I stumbled upon was the references to the “Kingdom” which immediately made me think and imagine Middle Age castles and outfits when the book was describing something way more modern. Hopefully I wasn’t the only one with this sort of issue. Please, someone support me here?!

However, the main reason the book wasn’t five stars for me is because of the “poor girl becoming a princess” cliché storyline. It wasn’t bad, don’t take me wrong. And I am up for reading princess stories every night just as I can’t get enough of magic school stories. But I was hoping for something innovative and unique from the writer.

Let’s talk about the parts of the book I really enjoyed, shall we?

The quote you see in the beginning is actually from the very early pages of the book and it might have been the only quote that really spoke to me. Because that is exactly how I feel sometimes. Not literally stealing things from people obviously! But “stealing” as of copying other people’s ideas and sometimes even writing styles (it is a very very bad habit!).

It might sound outrageous to some of you but my favorite character wasn’t Mare! Are you shocked yet?! It was Cal! I loved how strong he was while still being able to show his sensitive side, especially when he was around Mare. My favourite moments were all about those two. Their talks, the dance lessons, THE kiss… Just the right amount of romance. ❤

I am looking forward to put my hands on the second novel and get dragged back into the fantasy world of Silvers and Reds. There are some characters that became very dear to me and I would love to see what destiny holds for them.

See you soon, little lightning girl!

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